Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Are you interested in the mental processes that allow people to have conversations? Ever notice that how someone says something can be as important as what they say? Do a 290 in the Communication and Language Lab and help with studies of conversation and speech. 
Responsibilities include:
  • Designing stimuli
  • Using an eye-tracker
  • Running experiment sessions
  • Coding data
Students who participate in a Psych 290 experience with the CaLL lab work closely with a lab member on one or more research projects relating to language and communication. Students interested in working in the CaLL lab are encouraged to read some of the papers coming out of the lab. This is not an exhaustive list of the projects currently underway, but it will give you a flavor of the type of projects you could be working on. General Questions should be directed to the Lab Coordinator, Loretta Yiu, at the email address below. Please note that a commitment of 2 credits hours (6-8 hours/wk) is required.
If interested, please fill out the brief application and email it to: languagelab AT gmail DOT com. Make sure to include the number 290 in the title of the email.

Graduate Research Opportunities

 Dr. Watson will be accepting new graduate students for the Fall of 2015.